Sousa Realty & Development’s Commercial Real Estate offers commercial and retail facilities ranging from 1,000 to 12,000 sq. ft. of floorspace.

On Lowell Road in Hudson, New Hampshire, Sousa Realty & Development offers over 100,000 sq. ft. of retail space for lease, ranging from small storefronts to national chains like Gold’s Gym and some franchises.

Nottingham Square - A Sousa Realty & Development Commercial Property

Nottingham Square

  • Nottingham Square, offers 52,000 sq ft. and is the newest plaza for Sousa Realty & Development. There is a signal light to allow for easy access from the main road for the more than 20,000 cars that travel by each day;
  • Brook Plaza, at phase one and phase two totals about 35,000 Sq. ft.;
  • Susie’s Plaza, on Lowell Rd. offers 12,000 sq ft.

At present Sousa Realty & Development’s commercial space is 87% occupied, 26% above the average in New Hampshire.

Brook Plaza - A Sousa Realty & Development Commercial Property

Brook Plaza

All Sousa Realty & Development commercial properties are self managed. In-house property management helps to keep rental costs economical when compared to alternatives.

Company staff manage the facilities from ground up, performing the customer “fit-up’ on the construction aspects, reviewing the lease and rental terms and help the customer fully understand the details.

“We support our customer through the process from the start, creating a relationship which makes it easy to be a tenant of Sousa Realty. Clients appreciate the support and would rather not go without that. This is reflected in our high rate of occupancy.”

We believe you’ll find your next business location at Sousa Realty and Development.

For information, availability, pricing or to preview a property, call us at (603) 880-7799.